Newspaper Reviews

Newspaper Mentions:

Kurt Shaw - Art Critic, Pittsburgh Tribune Review - August 2017

Toby Tabachnick - The Jewish Chronicle August 2017

City Paper

Sewickley Herald

Some Fred Eats a Pea press coverage:



"In the Making" - 250 Pittsburgh Artists

"Inside/Outside, Big & Small"

Manchester Craftsmen's Show- SOS

Yoruba Bead Society

Art Advocacy Speaks

Publications/Articles Written

Publications/Articles Written/Published:

2011 "Fred Eats A Pea" (children's illustrated book)

October/November/December 2006 - Tashi Delek Magazine "Bhutan, Where Compassion Meets Humanity" (article, photographs)

July 2006 - Maniac Magazine "Sex, Drugs, LaChappelle"

February 2006 - Maniac Magazine 'Warhol Drank Pop"

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